The easiest way to turn your buildings into smart buildings

Using sensors, data, and our platform, we provide tangible value to occupiers and landlords worldwide.

Plug and play technology

Our quick setup means your property can be digitised and running real data on our platform within a few days.

City Nexus is designed to be modular, meaning you can add sensors in the future as your needs change.

See it in action

We give you context, not just numbers and data

Our platform is designed to grow and learn context about the data in your properties. So on the surface, you and your stakeholders can understand your building's health on many variables. And if they need to dig deeper into the underlying data, it's all there.

Real time sharing to all the people that need to know

Your property is run by teams, with different stakeholders who care about different things. That's why City Nexus is built from the ground up for collaboration.

You can share specific views with unique URLs and control permissions so that all stakeholders only see what they are allowed to view.

Start measuring your ESG score
Speak to one of our IoT experts, and we can walk you through how you can start capturing ESG data through the City Nexus platform.